DLB Caddy - Never Miss A Referral Again!

DLB Caddy is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox (Safari later in the year) that will help you manage your affiliate IDs and help you automatically fill in almost any downline builder.

You don't even need to populate it manually - simply visit downline builders you've already filled in and it will automatically learn all your existing IDs.

Get It Now

  • DLB Caddy fills in any known IDs for you automatically

  • Whenever you visit a downline builder, it picks up IDs

  • Powerful features let you view and edit all your downline builders in one place

Browser Plugin

Being a browser plugin, it works on almost any site with a downline builder.

Its intelligent analyzer will drill into the downline builder and work out what's what, even if it's never seen that DLB before!

And then the magic happens!

Firstly, it'll pick up any new referral links and IDs that aren't already in your caddy...

Then it'll fill in any blanks in the downline builder that it already knows your ID for - saving you time and effort and ensuring you never lose a referral again!

Rolodex feature: It even has a rolodex feature that can call up referral links, banner images while you're in any program for easy reference. This alone can save you hours.

Stores Locally...

Your IDs are stored locally and permanently within your browser for instant access by the plugin.

This means you can use it easily and quickly without needing to log in to the DLB Caddy website first.

But your data is still always transferred safely via our secure API to the cloud!

...But Syncs to the Cloud!

Your IDs are safely backed up to the cloud every time you use the plugin.

Not only that, the downline builder you're on is stored to so that your account builds up a profile of which downline builders you're a member of and which IDs you've filled in so it can help you spot missing opportunities.

Once in the cloud, you can access them through the website and have easy access for editing.


You just joined a new program, you've got your referral link. How do you know which downline builders you need to go and fill in?

With DLB Caddy, no problem. Just log into the website, select your referral link from the alphabetical dropdown and hey presto - a list of all the downline members you're a member of, that have your new program!

Your Rolodex

Even if you're not on a downline builder, you can still use the Rolodex. This clever time saver is exactly what you'd expect - look up any referral ID quickly and easily; No more hunting through notebooks or notepad files!

Call up any referral link and any referral ID in any program.

It can even handle storing more than one referral ID for your programs - for those power users with multiple accounts at some programs.


CaddyPLUS is a low-cost subscription service that extends the power of DLB Caddy!

CaddyPLUS not only stores your referral links and IDs, it stores which downline builders you've entered those IDs in, meaning it can be a much smarter assistant. The following features are in CaddyPLUS (depending on your plan):

  • Never miss a referral again!
    • You'll be notified whenever a new program you're a member of gets added to a downline builder you're a member of
  • Downline Builder Wizard
    • Shows you other programs you're not a member of, that have downline builders containing programs you are a member of (and how many of your programs they contain) so that you can choose more programs for getting passive referrals.
  • Automatic Smart Targeted Advertising - coming soon!
    • We know what programs members are in, we know what programs you're in. So we'll show your banners automatically and we won't waste your impressions showing ads for programs they're already a member of.
  • Random referrals
    • When we make recommendations to members on programs to join, your referral ID will be rotated with other CaddyPLUS members. So you won't just be getting random referrals for DLB Caddy, you'll be getting random referrals for potentially any program you're a member of!

More CaddyPLUS Features

  • Smart Downline Builder
    • The Smart Downline Builder only shows members programs they're not already a member of! To do that, it shows programs from Entrepreneur PLUS+ members in rotation. Like all the onsite passive advertising, no impressions are wasted showing the member programs they're already a member of.
  • Smart recommendations - coming soon
    • Because CaddyPLUS knows which programs you're a member of, it makes smart recommendations on programs you can join because you would be able to fill in many of the downline builder slots
    • But that's not all. Smart recommendations factor in how popular the program is, so we won't be recommending no-hope programs to you.
  • Market intelligence - coming soon
    • As a CaddyPLUS member, you'll get insider stats on programs that no-one else will ever see
      • What percentage of DLB Caddy members are members
      • Estimates of how many members join weekly
      • Which downline builders are actively maintained
  • Peace of mind
    • You can finally relax about all your downline builders - knowing that they're all filled in correctly with no missed opportunities