While every effort is taken to ensure this product (the DLB Caddy browser plugin/extension) works as intended, we (The Destiny Group) take no responsibility for loss of earnings, time or referrals through using it.

The extension/plugin is complex in nature and, like any software system, may contain bugs that have not been found yet or fixed, that may lead to incorrect data being entered into your downline builders. Therefore, we advise that you check any changes made by the plugin.

In keeping with trying to minimise the risk of incorrect data, you agree to keep the software up to date. No specific action is usually required on your part: the software will usually update automatically unless you explicitly disable it in your browser.

Any bugs that are brought to our attention will be prioritised and bugs that could lead to data loss or corruption will be fixed at the highest priority, or if that isn't feasible, warnings will be added in the software.