Refund & Cancellation Policy

Anyone who joins DLB Caddy is entitled to upgrade. Upgraded members enjoy more capabilities than free members in return for a low monthly fee.

New members may be presented with a limited-time upgrade offer that is significantly cheaper than the regular monthly fee for upgrading. This offer may include a 2-week free trial. The free trial requires the creation of a subscription and this subscription will automatically make the first payment 2 weeks after upgrading. It is the responsibility of the member to cancel before the 2 weeks if they don't wish to be charged. It is not possible to have a free trial that doesn't have automatic continuity. Anyone can take the two week free trial and, provided they cancel before the first payment, will not pay anything at all. Since this offer does include a significant free trial, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN ON ANY SUBSEQUENT PAYMENT FOR ANY REASON other than significant downtime of the site. Forgetting to cancel is not grounds for receiving a refund. Each payment entitles you to the next 30 days as a premium member and if you cancel any time before that 30 days is up, you will receive the balance of the 30 days as a premium member.

Members who don't take advantage of the 'new member' offer can upgrade at any time though the price is higher that the introductory offer. This upgrade also includes a free trial. That and the fact the member will already be familiar with most of the features of DLB Caddy means that refunds will not be given under any circumstances. It is your responsibility to know when your 2 week free trial ends and to have made your decision whether to remain a premium member within that time.

A member who takes advantage of an introductory or other special offer and subsequently cancels will not be entitled to upgrade again at that same price - they will have to pay the regular upgrade rate or wait until the next time a special offer is made to regular members. At our discretion, members whose accounts get cancelled inadvertently e.g. due to payment processor problems may be offered their original upgrade rate PROVIDED that offer is still possible (i.e. the offer page still exists). There is no obligation on our part to offer this price.

If you wish to cancel your DLB Caddy account, it is your responsibility to cancel any premium payment subscription you may have by going to your payment processor. This is not done automatically.